RotoRhymes #11: Kenneth Cashman

RotoRhymes #11: Kenneth Cashman

RotoRhymes #11
b/w Nas’ “Get Down”

I make the nicest shirts in the whole game, man there's no denying,

Anyone saying otherwise is stoned or lying,
Every couple weeks drop another dope design,
Any other brand is sniffing the Mendoza line,
Lyrically I'm Kobe Bryant mixed with Nolan Ryan,
In my prime, going strong, showing no decline,
Each week I leave the teams I'm playing pulverized,
Flow is fly like any suit owned by Clyde,
Talk smack on every track, balls are oversized,
Like Miagi when he rolled right into Cobra Kai,
All these RotoRhymes got me working overtime,
Vince Carter on the mic, I'll leave you posterized,
My dude I don't abide, bro you should go and hide,
Like Bobby Valentine with a rubber nose disguise,
Blow your mind with a dose of my potent rhymes,
Savage like Reggie Miller throwing up a choking sign.

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