RotoRhymes #12: Kenneth Cashman

RotoRhymes #12: Kenneth Cashman

RotoRhymes #12
b/w A Tribe Called Quest’s “1nce Again”

By now you must of heard, how my shirts are preferred,
By every single person in the whole entire world,
The fantasy apparel champ, RotoWear runs shit,
My printing process ain’t nothin’ to fuck with,
I make hits, you can call me Joey Votto,
Mixed with Nolan Arenado when he’s home in Colorado,

Savage with the grammar, spittin’ stats over beats,
You can ask my man Speedz, yo my raps are elite,
Might as well call me Namath, way I’m making guarantees,
When it comes to making tees I’m the best in the league,
See me tee off on the beat like I’m David Ortiz,
And I talk mad shit like I’m Joel Embiid,
Yeah, every single league i’m in, I know I get it done,
Body slamming managers like I was Eric Young,
Every season I’ll be winning the trophy,
Man, I work the wire like I’m Jimmy McNulty.

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