Real-time. Organic. Trending. Original.

ROTO stands for Real-time, Organic, Trending and Original. Actually, it’s short for Rotisserie – because back in 2017, we started this whole thing by making shirts about fantasy sports. But if we had to use an acronym to describe us, that would pretty much cover it.


Rather than release seasonal collections like most apparel brands, we release our products in real-time. When something happens that inspires us to design a shirt, we’ll do it really fast – and release it the moment we’re done making it.


We’re a small company, so we don’t have the budget for TV commercials or giant billboards. And we don’t believe in Facebook ads or promoted posts. When people share or mention our shirts, it happens completely organically.


So if we’re not running ads on tv, radio or social media, how are our shirts getting seen? Well, they often go viral. Our shirts are frequently trending on social media, getting talked about on podcasts, shown during games, and being worn by professional athletes and sports personalities.


The t-shirt industry is a crowded place, but we’ve been able to stand out by being original. Some brands take the same design or concept and recycle it over and over again. Others just straight up steal and copy ideas. We design every single shirt in-house, and we pride ourselves on taking a unique approach to everything we put out.


Real Fanatics Deserve Quality Merch

Unlike a lot of our competitors, we put quality over everything. Believe it or not, some of the largest sports apparel companies make some of the worst quality merchandise. While it might not be the most cost-effective decision, we screen-print all of our shirts now because the quality is flat out better than on-demand DTG printing.


Beware Of Copycats

Our products are only available from our site and select retail locations in New York, California and Georgia. Unfortunately, people are constantly stealing our original designs and passing them off as their own – if you see our designs anywhere else like on Amazon, Etsy, or any other website, be aware that it’s a cheap knockoff or a scam.


Passion Over Profits

RotoWear is 100% independently owned and operated. We built this from scratch, without the help of any investors or parent company. Which is pretty awesome, because we don’t have any venture capitalist overlords telling us what we can and can't do. We make the shirts we want to make, when we want to make them. We believe in passion over profits. And we won’t stop grinding until we are, pound for pound, the undisputed t-shirt champions of the world. We are RotoWear, and we keep the internet undefeated – one shirt at a time.